Honey Tongue is making waves with a hot new song

Seattle's Honey Tongue has plenty to celebrate this fall. Not only does the power-pop band have a new EP/CD, "I Wanna Go," but the infectious title track is gaining momentum as a potential hit single. The song has been licensed for use in "Happy Happy," the Helly Hansen extreme sports DVD, "The Secret Spot," a Callaway Brothers water sports film, and the GoGirlsMusicFest 2004 compilation album. The song also has been played on KEXP-FM...more
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer - November 26, 2004
  • Honey Tongue Redefining Seattle Sound

    Twelve years after Nirvana released "Nevermind" and christened Seattle as the Mecca of alternative rock, a female-led rock 'n' roll band is ready to put the city in the spotlight again. The provocatively named Honey Tongue marries rock 'n' roll, pop and punk, moving from piano melodies to hard-edge guitar riffs with ease...more
  • The Coloradoan – October 30, 2003
  • Honey Tongue – Sweet and sugary alternative song-writing

    Seattle may be best known for its grunge contributions to the music world, but that's not all that comes out of the rainy northwestern berg. Honey Tongue's got about as much in common with Pearl Jam or Nirvana as it does with Seattle's other key export, Starbucks. While the spirit of the Pacific Northwest's alt-rock revolution lies underneath Honey Tongue's skin, it draws on power-pop for its charming sound. Driven by singer Jen Ayers' velvety delivery, Honey Tongue boasts the up-front vocal melodies of pure pop, as Ayers has a throat that could go one-on-one with any rock diva's. That's not all the band boasts, however, as Ayers' songwriting skirts the shallow themes that usually come with pop, and settle upon introspective and intelligent lyrics. And she isn't the only talent in Honey Tongue's lineup, either, as virtually every member of the quartet has an equal helping of talent. Tight and muscular, Honey Tongue drops a sound that harks back to some of alt-rock's best acts, and draws on everyone from Matthew Sweet to Goodness.
  • By Matt Schild, AOL Cityguide-Chicago – September 2004
  • Honey Tongue Parties in Puyallup

    Fans of Seattle's Honey Tongue will be treated to some new tunes at the band's tour launch tonight at the Liberty Theater in Puyallup. The event is the official launch party for the popular band's new extended-play disc "I Wanna Go," which includes three previously unreleased tracks - the title track, "Need You Now," and "Make Up Your Mind” ...more
  • The News Tribune – August 2004
  • Road-warrior Band Invades over 200 Cities

    Look out, Denver. Here comes another group from Seattle. Or maybe it should be "listen up" because Honey Tongue is certainly one up-and-coming group. An indie group, whose members quit their day jobs a year and a half ago to pursue their musical career, is currently on a tour to more than 200 cities on the list, and the band will be stopping in Denver in November ...more
  • The Clarion-University of Denver - October 31, 2003
  • "Take Me Anywhere" CD Review September 2003

    I've pined for years for the days when I'd find a band led by a woman, with literate lyrics, hard-charging punk guitars, and riffs to bring me back to Blondie or the Pretenders of a quarter century ago. Honey Tongue has made it worth the wait... more
  • Cosmik Debris - September 2003
  • Honey Tongue – Saturday, September 6 at The Granada

    The list of accolades on Honey Tongue's résumé is as long as the tracks on Sid Vicious' forearms: South by Southwest, countless cross-country treks, and a number of appearances on syndicated radio and television outlets have helped create a serious buzz for the Seattle quartet. But the Tongue's calling card is vocalist, keyboardist and official band bombshell Jen Ayers, who comes across like Jewel (if Jewel were fronting a band that wasn't afraid to rock)... more
  • Kansas City’s Pitch Weekly - September 2003
  • Defining the hardest working band in independent rock can be a difficult and daunting task, one that I have neither the time nor inclination to tackle. While I may not have a clear winner, I can certainly think of a band that just might deserve the title ...more
  • West Coast Performer Magazine – March 2003
  • What do you think of when you hear the term "BUZZ BAND"? You think talented, energetic, business minded, emerging, etc. The staff of chose one band that best fit the description and their name is Honey Tongue. This Seattle band's on-stage electricity, impressive songwriting skills, rave reviews and frequent radio/T.V. appearances have earned them the title of this year's GoGirls SXSW BUZZ BAND... more
  •’s March 2003 interview with Jen Ayers
  • There may not be a CD title that means more to a band than "Take Me Anywhere" does to Honey Tongue. Since the Seattle heavy-pop foursome quit their day jobs 1 1/2 years ago to pursue their musical dreams, there's almost no place the band hasn't gone... more
  • Tacoma News Tribune – February 11, 2003
  • From being called the female reincarnation of Eddie Vedder in their hometown of Seattle to being called a hard-working band all the way out in New York, Honey Tongue is a smoothly running music machine. They have turned our heads in Denver more than a few times, assuredly causing the folks at Higher Listening to drop what they’re doing to go to the Honey Tongue show. Sometimes they play with Liz Clark, Wendy Woo, MindGoFlip, and Battery Park… They always play with the best in town... more
  • HT Interview with Denver’s – January 2003